David Ambrosio - Bata

David Ambrosio    David is currently teaching a workshop that is part of a new Jazz music education organization called the New York Jazz Academy. The focus of the class will be learning Afro Cuban Bata drumming, but would also be beneficial for anyone who has an interest in learning more about this incredible folkloric music or just wants to expand their horizons. The workshop is open to all regardless of musical experience.
David Ambrosio
   Learning the music of the Bata drums offers any musician not only the obvious expansion of their rhythmic vocabulary but also insight into musical structures, phrasing, improvisation and ensemble interaction. The musical expression and flexibility involved in this music is very akin to Jazz and would be invaluable to any Jazz student as it is truly one of the roots of the African influence in our native American music. David Ambrosio

   The workshop is continually running in four week segments but one can join at any time or come in as a walk-in. If you want more info or to sign up you can contact David or go to this link for the program: NYJazzAcademy.com