“Ambrosio has taken a fantastic idea--to resurrect the great, overlooked composers and players of the late Blue Note Avant Guard--and run with it, surrounding himself with some of the best players in New York. The result is a type of musical ARCHAEOLOGY, but one that's deeply intelligent and highly swinging. There's nothing like this project." - Peter Watrous, former New York times jazz critic


civil disobedience

Civil Disobedience is a project created by NY bassist David Ambrosio that features the work progressive jazz composers of the late 60's Blue Note Era, including Bobby Hutcherson, Jackie McLean, Stanley Cowell, Howard Land, Joe, Chambers, and James Spaulding. During a time of important social change and civil unrest, much of this music went unreleased until decades later. As a result, these compositions were not heard at the time for when they were written.

Now, fifty years later, in America we are seeing significant parallels with the social movements of that era, which gives this important music a new sense of relevancy and urgency.

Civil Disobedience was conceived and convened as an artistic response to current political events - both domestic and global - performing the politically conscious jazz compositions of the late 1960s Blue Note Era.



"Ambrosio has sensitivity to dynamic concerns and an ability to react instantly" - Chris Kelsey, Jazz Times

"Dave Ambrosio is a wealth of musical inventiveness" - Chris Imrie, The Guelph Mercury

"Ambrosio possesses an unerring sense of groove" - John Kelman, All About Jazz

"Bassist David Ambrosio once again demonstrates his keen melodic sensibility and propensity for surefooted commentary” - John Sharpe, New York City Jazz Record


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